By using the GF-Superlock the old mounting plates will no longer be required. That saves you a lot of time and makes your work more efficient. No confusion between clockwise and counter-clockwise rotation any more.

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We have the matching adapters for every machine in stock. You have special requirements? We will find a solution for you. For a quick and easy switch every customer will be provided with a special tool.

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The great variety of our grinding stones is unique. You will barely find an alternative for perfectly prepared gravure printing cylinders if you take high quality and innovation as a must.

This is what we deliver.
Top-Line Series

24 variationss

Duo-Line Series

17 variations

Steel-Power Series

8 variations

Chrom-Power Series

4 variations

What we offer

  • We have a long time experience producing grinding stones for printing cylinders.
  • You will get a professional and individual counselling interview to find out which grinding stone is right for your machine and your purpose.
  • We offer a fast, competent and friendly customer service either on the phone or in person in your facility on request.
  • We find solutions for special needs — contact us!
  • We are always on the lookout for innovations and work closely with our customers to meet their individual needs.

What is special about our products?

  • Our grinding stones are available at a high quality for a fair price.
  • You will immediately reduce the setup time of your machine by using the unique GF-Superlock.
  • With our grinding stones you will have a high abrasion with a long endurance.
  • We offer matching adapters for the GF-Superlock for every type of machine.